Dunbar is the
simplest event
planning tool.

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Link your email address
to this browser so we can send you directly to your calendar events and Google Sheets.

Invite anyone
through any

Your guests never need an account to see your Dunbar events.

With Dunbar, everyone sees the same thing, whether you’re sharing through email, SMS, QR, Facebook & Instagram Messenger, Discord, Telegram, ...

Add directly to an
existing calendar.

Dunbar integrates directly with existing calendar systems. No new notification stream or inbox to keep track of: It’s all in your existing Google, Outlook, or Apple Calendar.

Collect RSVPs
in a spreadsheet.

Dunbar puts responses directly into a Google Sheet for you.

When guests use Dunbar’s “Add to Calendar” button, we can put their live RSVP directly into the spreadsheet—and update it in about 5 seconds, if they change it.