Your info

Dunbar does store some info about you. These "settings" are kept in browser cookies, which means they are not automatically synced between different devices.

You can update these settings (for this browser), below.

Your calendar tool

Dunbar can add events to Google Calendar (well), calendars (usually), and Apple Calendar (barely).

If you want Dunbar to assume you’re using a specific tool, select it below.

Your E-Mail address

You can link an email address to Dunbar. This lets us do things like automatically share our Google Sheets with you, and create events directly from your calendar invites.

We use Google's login system for this, since we're going to share a GSheet with you eventually anyways. Click below to log in or sign out.

Email address
Use this email when inviting me to events

Automatically share new Plan Sheets with my email address when I create new Dunbar event

Automatically restrict access to my Plan’s GSheets (so only named editors can access).

Your Recent Events

Dunbar can make a “Recent Events” list based on what pages you visit. You can clear, or disable this functionality.

Clear my Recent Events list
(Remember, this is just for this browser on this device.)

Please keep adding the Dunbar events I view to my Recent Events list.

Google Analytics

We do use Google Analytics to monitor our traffic, so there are some additional cookies in use for that. Nothing for you to do, but we wanted to you to know.

Privacy Philosophy

Dunbar respects your privacy. We like putting you in charge of your data. You can read our full Privacy Policy here.